Thank you for your interest in Windlight Photography. I offer unique 'on scene' photography for singles or couples. I rarely use a studio, and never do morphs. There are virtually unlimited photographic opportunities in amazing places all created by the residents. Whatever your style or look you are after, let Windlight Photography capture it for you!

I also do fashion photography, wedding photography (see the Wedding page), along with landscape/architectural photography. Please contact Jackson Redstar for a quote.


Individual profile photo: 800L
Individual full body photo: 1000L
Individual nude photo: 1200L

Couples photo: 1200L
Couples nude or erotic photo: 1500L

IM Bear (Jackson Redstar) for more information

Please note that Linden uses different aspect ratios for photos depending on where they are displayed. You will need to decide if you want these photos for a profile picture, or a Pick picture, or, if you just want them framed to be hung on a wall. Packages you may mix and match sizes. Instructions will be given to you on how to properly size a prim to display the photos correctly based on the photo's aspect ratio.

Due at time of photo shoot.

All photos need some post process work. The rates above include post process work for line smoothing (joints, arms, legs, breasts, etc..) basic color correction and skin smoothing, and minor clothing and/or hair fixes. If extensive repairs are requested and can actually be done, I will give you a quote for the additional amount.