Wedding Photography

Yes, I also do weddings! If you are having a wedding and want to capture that special moment in a very special way, send me an IM!

Your wedding will only happen once, so you want your photography to be done right and with high quality to ensure your once in a lifetime memory is captured in a unique and beautiful way.

All of your wedding photos will be professionally edited in post process ensuring excellent quality Windlight Photography is known for. All of your photos and post processing is done by Jackson Redstar - no outsourcing!

I currently offer wedding photography for the following full service wedding coordinators. If you are having a wedding and are looking for a coordinator, consider visiting these for a list of their services and pricing:
Everlasting Moments Weddings
[UNIQ] Weddings

For further information and pricing please contact Jackson Redstar in world.

If you are a wedding services provider, inquire about custom tailored packages for your wedding venue.

Some Weddings photographed by Windlight Photography:

Jacob & Cheryl

Panos & Savana

Jaq & Dragon

David & Medesca

Sophie & Brendon

Tia & Anaireo

Char & Manny

Mur and Star

Kali and Paris

Elusive and Azi

Torri and Khloe

Mur and Ames